Lubna Siddiqi
Facilitator of Learning & Development-
Corporate Trainer & Life Coach
ABN 88 690 151 508
About Lubna...
Lubna has been a Learning and Development Facilitator, a Corporate Trainer and an Academic for nearly two decades. She brings with her an experience of over 18 years in training, and specializes in areas related to Soft Skills, the banking sector and academia.
Currently, academically, she is completing her PhD (Research) at the University of Tasmania, after having received three Masters’ Degrees, specializing in Education and Human Resource Management at all levels; besides her numerous other academic achievements, which include seminar and conference presentations.
An Educationalist/ Academic
Lubna has also been an educationalist and has been teaching at various universities since over a decade now. Currently, she is a lecturer at the University of Tasmania, and has taught at the Post Graduate Level, teaching on campus and distance students, in Management related areas.    
A Banker
Lubna was associated with the banking sector since long and specializes in Compliance and its branches such as AML/ KYC etc., having headed and worked within the Compliance Departments, in various banks. There too, she developed and conducted training programs, and one of her programs was used in South America by the Global Anti-money Laundering Team.
A Facilitator & Life Coach
Lubna started working as a free-lance Trainer/ Facilitator and later on ran her own consultancy by the name of Hyacinth Training Consultants, with a highly motivated and diverse team. She has also worked as a life coach with people on a one-on-one basis; specializing in areas of self- development, identifying and utilizing talents and strengths, career counselling etc., for all age groups.
Besides these, she also was associated with specialised training institutes, NGOs, and various communities internationally, providing training and presentations to tap into and maximizing human potential.
The Programs she offers
Training and human resource development are her passion and as such she has been developing and facilitating training programs, both in-house, (custom made, organizational development focused), and public programs, in a wide range of areas. Her main focus is organizational excellence through human development and as such her designs for organization-specific modules are developed after in-depth consultations, keeping in view the organisational and employee needs.
With her experiences in the performing arts and a playwright, her programs also incorporate these areas to enhance the ambience of the learning process.  Each program is highly motivational, interactive, applicable and practical, with a follow-up to ensure the Return on Investment for the organisation is achieved.
A Volunteer 
While hailing from a family involved in both academia, and the banking sector, Lubna has also been involved in a wide range of educational and motivational work as a volunteer.
Lubna has fluent and natural English as one string to her multilingual bow. She can communicate in many languages, especially French, being her cradle language, and has been an interpreter and translator for many other eastern and western languages, which has been useful during her travels, especially for training purposes.
  1. Corporate Sector
    Learning/ Training modules have been developed catering specifically to the various requirements of the corporate sector, which include projects for Organisational Development at all levels.
  2. Business Sector
    The business sector training modules are mostly individual or the combination of a few programs depending on the requirements of businesses,which include banks, small and medium enterprises, large businesses etc.
  3. Academic/ Education Sector
    Learning and Development modules for the academic sector cater to educators at different levels within the education system. They include methodological and other approaches in education.