Lubna Siddiqi
Facilitator of Learning & Development-
Corporate Trainer & Life Coach
ABN 88 690 151 508

Hi There!
Welcome to my website.

I’m Lubna Siddiqi, and I am a Facilitator of Learning. I have been in this role for nearly two decades now, being a trainer/ coach for corporate, business and educational sectors. I call myself a Facilitator of Learning as I believe that adults have knowledge, skills and experience that they bring with them in a learning environment. I simply help them streamline and polish these as required by their jobs, and organisations, in addition to their personal development.  To achieve this, my Learning and Development Programs are designed to be very specific and cater to the various styles of adult learning, amalgamating theory and practice with a hands-on approach. 
Currently, I'm based in Tasmania, Australia, but I can travel easily to deliver my L&D, and Life Coaching Programs wherever needed.  
Lubna A. Siddiqi
B.Sc, B.Ed, IGCE, M.Ed, M.Ed, MBA, PhD (enrolled)